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Dongyang city plastics Co., Ltd. Zhejiang was established in 1968, it has grown up to be a national second large-scale enterprise. 40 years of history also tells that we were the first enterprise to produce PET cups,with strong technology support, advanced equipments, our company is one of the biggest enterprises specialized in the production of PET cups and lids. Also, we enjoy high reputation in the production of PET sheets, calcium-plasticized corrugated cartons, PP boards, together with other plastic product...

Plastic cups

:Plastic cupsThe high degree of transparency increases the aesthetic appearance and ease of packaging features, and it is compared to the cups and other materials not easily broken.

Plastic cup manufacturers

: Zhejiang Dongyang City Plastics Co., Ltd. is specialized in producingPlastic cupsPlastic cup manufacturers, Five-story co-extruded PET sheet production line imported from the United States, Switzerland, plastic thermoforming production line, plastic cups, six-color UV curing presses and other foreign advanced equipment and technology.

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